The 10th Anniversary Celebration Conference

6 October 2015

You are cordially invited to Ecolinc's 10th Anniversary Celebration Conference on the 20th November 2015.


For registration, click here    (Note: It is a Google form).

Cost $80.00 per person.  An invoice will be generated and sent to you when registration has been completed.

The Speakers:

Keynote Speaker:

Rob Gell OAM

Rob Gell is a geographer and a coastal geomorphologist.  In 1979, Rob Gell’s Four Day Forecast revolutionised the way television weather information was presented.  In 2014, Rob was awarded a Member of the Order of Australia in recognition of his service to conservation, to the protection of coastal and marine environments, and to the community. 

Keynote Topic: “Climate for Change: All the indicators; biodiversity loss; crisis in the oceans; the condition of global soils; global warming impacts; extreme weather events and sea level rise all point to the need for change.  In addition, we liquidate our natural capital and call it “growth”.  We need new thinking and a new model for future human development”.

Other Guest Speakers include:

Jane Edmansen OAM:

Jane Edmanson is Gardening Australia's presenter in Victoria. Jane is a qualified teacher, who also has certificates in horticulture and landscape technology.  Jane is an author and co-author of several gardening books.  She has worked for twelve years at the Victorian Schools Nursery at which she became Deputy Principal.  Jane was awarded the Order of Australia Medal for educational and sustainable work in horticulture and the environment.

Workshop 1A Topic: Soil not Dirt! Healthy soil is the foundation of a good healthy garden - compost, humus and vermicasts are vital to have a biologically active soil.  Jane will talk about what components make a good compost, most importantly the carbon-nitrogen ratio.

Workshop 2A Topic: Propogation. Growing new plants by seed or cuttings is a very exciting and rewarding garden activity. Jane will provide many examples of successful propagation methods of seed sowing and  cuttings  from various types of plants.

Annette Rypalski:

Annette is the manager of the Mount Rothwell Biodiversity Interpretation Centre.  Mt Rothwell is the largest predator free ecosystem in Victoria. The property is exclusively managed for the conservation of some of Australia’s most threatened faunal species, including the Eastern Barred Bandicoot (EBB) and Eastern Quoll.

Workshop 1B & 2B Topic (Repeated): Mount Rothwell’s Conservation Program.  Learn about the wonderful work that Mount Rothwell are undertaking to restore habitat and ensure threatened species populations can be protected from extinction.  Annette will also outline the educational programs that are on offer to schools to learn about conservation and land management and how this fits within the Victorian Curriculum.

Pauline and Colin Ferguson:

Pauline and Colin have designed and built a fully sustainable earth covered home in Daylesford from mainly recyclable materials.  Learn about their remarkable journey from their perspective as owner builders with no previous building experience.

Workshop 1C & 2C Topic (Repeated): Sustainable Earth Covered Home.  Pauline and Colin will provide an inspiring showcase of their journey in building a sustainable house and discuss in detail the features they have built into their home to become fully sustainable.

Colleen Miller:

Coordinator of the Natural History Centre for the Western Melbourne Catchment Network.  Colleen has a horticulture degree and is passionate about the grasslands of the Western Victoria Volcanic Plains.

Workshop 1D Topic: Grasslands of the Western Volcanic Plains.  Colleen will share with us her extensive knowledge of the Grasslands of the Western Volcanic Plains and how the WVP’s is a great teaching resource.

Workshop 2D Topic: Digging up the Diprotodon.  The Diprotodon is the largest marsupial believed to have ever lived.  Fossil Diprotodon skulls have been found in Bacchus Marsh and are currently on display at Museum Victoria. The fossil record indicates that Diprotodons and other megafauna lived in Australia up to 100,000 years ago.  Colleen has started building a life size replica of the Diprotodon and she shares her knowledge of this magnificent extinct creature.  Also learn about Ecolinc’s “Digging up the Diprotodon” program.

Afternoon Workshops include:

Workshop 3A Topic:

Volcano Dreaming. Ecolinc is launching a new signature program called Volcano Dreaming, which provides experiences and learning resources for years 4-7. Students explore the precarious nature of the wildflower grasslands found across the volcanic plains, which is one of the world’s most endangered ecosystems.

Workshop 3B Topic:

Ecolinc’s 2016 Programs.  An interactive, hands on session to learn about what programs we have on offer for schools in 2016.

Workshop 3C Topic:

Ecolinc Outreach and how to re-engage middle years students in Science. Find out about our Outreach programs and take part in hands on activities that are designed to engage middle years students.

Workshop 3D Topic:

“Pull Apart a Poa”.  Be wowed by minibeasts when you rip into a tussock grass. Learn about these tiny creatures. Make your own potted poa. It's even more fun with students.