Climate 101 - Understanding Climate Change

28 March 2018

Monday June 18 th 2018

Climate change is not something that is going to happen in the future. It is not a future projection. Climate change is happening now and we are being impacted. At Climate 101, hear from experts (both in the lab and in the field) talk about climate change. Why is it happening, what the data is telling us, who is being impacted and what can we do?

Hear from Professor Tim Flannery and Mr Rod Quantock on the state of our planet as well as experts in the field who are seeing and living with the impact of climate change on a daily basis. You will hear stories from: a firefighter (there is no sceptic at the end of a fire hose), a healthcare worker, a marine scientist, a meteorologist and a scientist from the Antarctic Climate & Ecosystem CRC.


Professor Tim Flannery

Tim Flannery is one of Australia's leading thinkers and writers. A scientist, explorer and conservationist he has published more than 130 peer-reviewed scientific papers and many books. He was described by Sir David Attenborough as one of the great explorers, and as a scientist who's discovered more new species than Charles Darwin. His landmark works The Future Eaters and The Weather Makers have changed the way we think about the environmental challenges facing the world. He spent a year teaching at Harvard, and in 2007 he co-founded and was appointed Chair of the Copenhagen Climate Council.

Named Australian of the Year in 2007, he works with governments and business in North America, Asia and Europe on climate change action. In 2011 he became Australia's Chief Climate Commissioner, and in 2013 he founded and heads the Australian Climate Council. He serves of the Sustainability Advisory Boards of Siemens and Tata Power (India).

'Prof Tim Flannery appears by arrangement with Claxton Speakers International.'

Mr. Rod Quantock

Rod Quantock is a pioneer of Australian comedy with more than forty-five years in stand-up, cabaret, theatre, television and radio. Rod is known first and foremost as a very funny man but his reach extends beyond comedy into political and social activism.

A passionate environmental activist and advocate for social justice, he lobs Molotov cocktails of mirth at the most serious of subjects. When you see Rod Quantock in action, you can be sure he'll be talking about something of substance.

Mr Rod Quantock appears by arrangement with Claxton Speakers International'.


General Information


  • Mecure Ballarat Hotel and Convention Centre
    613 Main Road


  • Government school teachers - free
  • Others - $90.00
  • PST - $40.00

Additional information:

  • Coffee/Tea on arrival
  • Morning Tea & Lunch provided
  • WIFI available
  • Exhibition of education resources at lunchtime (Trade Show).

A Sustainable event:

  • Public transport is encouraged
  • Food will be vegetarian
  • BYO coffee cups and water bottles are encouraged
  • 100 trees planted to reduce the carbon footprint of this event



8.00 - 8.45am Registration - Tea & Coffee
9.00 - 9.15am Welcome & Introduction
9.15 - 10.45am Keynote 1 - Professor Tim Flannery
10.45 - 11.10am Morning Tea
11.10 - 12.05am Workshop 1
12.05 - 1.00pm Workshop 2
1.00 - 2.00pm Lunch & Trade show
2.00 - 2.55pm Workshop 3
3.00 - 4.00pm Keynote 2 - Mr Rod Quantock
4.00 - 4.30pm Plenary & networking

Workshops :

(participants choose 3 from the following)

Workshop A: Firefighter

Chris Bigham. He commenced as an operational firefighter with the CFA as a 16-year-old volunteer in rural Victoria (Yarra Valley) in 1981. He has attend many of the fires that have shaped our history: Ash Wednesday, The Dandenong Ranges in the mid 90's, Black Saturday in 2009 and the Hazelwood mine fire. Chris will be talking about the effects of longer and more extreme fire seasons on his crew, our community and the environment.

Workshop B: Climate & Health Alliance (CHA)

Dr. Fiona Armstrong. The founder of CHA, Dr Fiona Armstrong will be presenting to us about the effects of rising temperatures and how this affects our health.

Workshop C: Scientist from Antarctic Climate & Ecosystem (ACE)

Dr Sue Cook. Our most pristine and icy continent is under threat. With a focus on East Antarctica, Sue will tell us about her experience working in this icy world and how climate change in Antarctica will have a reverberating effect on our oceans and atmosphere.

Workshop D: Marine Scientist from Reef HQ

Craig McGrogan. We'll videoconference into this session straight into the waters of Queensland and the Great Barrier Reef. Craig will be interactive and underwater, teaching us about how climate change is impacting on the magnificent GBR in terms of coral bleaching, biodiversity loss and rising water temperatures.

Workshop E: Meteorologist from Bureau of Meteorology (BOM)

Dr Blair Trewin. What is the difference between weather and climate? Hasn't the climate always changed? Dr Blair Trewin will be answering these common questions as well as teaching us about observed climate change in Australia and the regional impact on natural resources.