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Be a Meteorologist

1 Hour
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Weather directly affects people. It determines how they dress, what they do and what they need to pack. Weather is a constantly changing set of phenomena and is easily observable. Even though meteorology includes some complex scientific study, it is a wonderful example of how scientists make predictions based on measurements and observations.

Prior Knowledge

No prior knowledge necessary. This can be a pre-visit, post-visit or a stand-alone activity.

Key Learning Question

How does weather affect our daily lives?

Learning Intentions

In this program students will:

  • Predict the weather
  • Learn about the weather using a variety of weather testing instruments
  • Investigate wind direction and wind speed


Students will:

  • Make predictions about the weather
  • Use weather testing instruments to collect data, in particular wind speed and wind direction
  • Construct a wind sock

Victorian Curriculum

Science - Science as a human endeavour
  • People use science in their daily lives (VCSSU041)
Science - Earth and space sciences
  • Observable changes occur in the sky and landscape; daily and seasonal changes affect everyday life (VCSSU046)

Learning Continuum

The following Learning Continuum is a guide for teachers to show the links between the programs. Ecolinc offers onsite, online and through outreach. The Learning Continuum can be used to access Ecolinc resources to support the development of units of work.

Outreach programs are conducted by an Ecolinc education officer at your school. They are available to moderately disadvantaged primary schools in the Geelong, Ballarat and western suburbs areas (or within 100km radius from Bacchus Marsh)


☞ Watching the Weather


☞ Be a Meteorologist