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Ecolinc is positioned within a constructed indigenous grassy woodland landscape and wetland. The building façade consists of a combination of colours, (blue and green) with black and white colorbond cladding. The intent behind the façade is to illustrate the ‘hot box’ passive heating and cooling of the building through a striping/patterning of materials.

Educational ecological sustainable design (ESD) features include; a building management system (BMS), photovoltaic cells, solar hot water heating, rainwater tanks, composting toilets, a trombe wall, thermal chimneys, natural ventilation ‘hot box’, high thermal mass, use of natural day lighting and a stormwater wetland.

The online Sustainability Trail highlights Ecolinc’s ESD features and links to Ecolinc onsite programs including Saving Energy, Renewable Energy, Storing Energy and Sustainable Living.

Online resource:

The Sustainability Trail