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Food webs

1.5 Hours Per Group
Book Program
Year Levels

Outline of unit

Students will work through a presentation using the iPads. They will review what they learnt about wetlands during their visit to Ecolinc. The iPad activity will take them through a series of slides learning about producers, herbivores and consumers using plants and animals that they will have viewed at Ecolinc. They will also look at a simple food chain.
Students will then use the iPads to construct a food web. They will use the Notify App to bring pictures of wetland plants and animals onto the screen. Using the App they can move the pictures around the screen to create the food web. They will also be able to draw in arrows showing feeding relationships and the direction of energy flow. The animals can be coloured in once the food web is completed.
Students will be able to answer questions directly onto the iPad or will complete a worksheet while completing the two I pad activities.

Pre, post or stand alone activity

Post activity after completing ‘What’s growling in the wetland?’ or ‘Who eats who?’ at Ecolinc.