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Due to an overwhelming number of booking requests, we are now fully booked for onsite programs (Bacchus Marsh) in 2022.

Ecolinc has prioritized bookings for VCE Environmental Science programs.  If you are teaching a Unit 1-2 or Unit 3-4 Environmental Science subject in 2022 and have missed out on booking one of our programs, please contact us on: and we will see if we can accommodate your request

Whilst Ecolinc is completely booked out for onsite programs (Bacchus Marsh) for 2022, you may like to consider the following:

  1. Booking a video conference STEM program. Ecolinc offers a wide range of STEM programs delivered live into your classroom through video conference. Check out our STEM Linc page ( for more information:
  2. Booking a program at the Deep Creek (Pakenham) site, please contact Ecolinc via email: with the following details:

    • Name of school:
    • Contact person and email:
    • Year level(s):
    • Number of students:
    • Program name:

    Details of programs can be found by clicking the Search List View tab then selecting the Deep Creek location, the appropriate year level and the program. The programs available are:

    • Year 3-4     The Life of Plants
    • Year 3-4     Fascinating Frogs at Deep Creek
    • Year 5-6     Uncovering Adaptations at Deep Creek
    • Year 5-6     How Healthy is the Deep Creek Wetland

    You can also book the following programs offered by PrimeSci:

    • Year F-2     Healthy Rivers, Healthy Bay
    • Year F-2     Chemistry
    • Year F-2     Physics
    • Year 3-4     Healthy Rivers, Healthy Bay
    • Year 5-6     Healthy Rivers, Healthy Bay
  3. Booking an Outreach program. An Outreach program is conducted by an Ecolinc education officer at your school and is offered to Government Primary Schools (Rural or Metro-disadvantaged) only. Ecolinc (Bacchus Marsh) is offering schools who have missed out on obtaining an onsite booking the opportunity to book an Outreach program at no cost.

    If you are a Government Primary School and:

    • Have missed out on submitting a booking for an onsite Ecolinc program in 2022 or would just like to do an outreach program without attending Ecolinc
    • Classified as Rural or Metro-Disadvantaged (if you are unsure, just ask us!)
    • Located in Geelong, Ballarat and western suburbs or within a 100km radius of Ecolinc in Bacchus Marsh

    Then you might like to consider making a booking enquiry to do an Ecolinc Outreach program free of charge. All required resources equipment and technologies are supplied by Ecolinc.

    Below is an outline of the Outreach Programs on offer:

    • Prep – Year 2     Investigating Minibeast Parts
    • Prep – Year 2     Frogs up Close
    • Prep – Year 2     Aussie Dinosaurs
    • Prep – Year 2     Be a Meteorologist
    • Year 1 – Year 4     Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – Making Recycled Paper
    • Year 3 & 4     Circle of Life
    • Year 3 & 4     Fur, Feathers, Scales, Skin
    • Year 3 & 4     Indigenous Food and Fibre
    • Year 3 & 4     Megabugs
    • Year 3 & 4     Peter Pan’s Seeds
    • Year 5 & 6     Birds & Beaks
    • Year 5 & 6     Solar Houses
    • Year 5 & 6     Amazing Adaptations
    • Year 5 & 6     Life Under the Microscope
    • Year 5 & 6     How Healthy is Your Waterway
    • Year 5 & 6     Pollination
    • Year 5 & 6     Sphero Design Thinking Challenge

    Please contact Ecolinc via email or phone 03 5367 0171 with the following details and our booking officer will be in contact with you:

    • Name of school:
    • Contact person and email:
    • Year Level:
    • Number of students:
    • Preference for dates/weeks:
    • Program preference (from above)
    • How this will fit within your teaching & learning program.
    • Any additional Information eg. any dates that do not work ie. Swimming, other school commitments. As there are limited dates available, please try and give us a broad a date range as possible so that we might be able to accommodate your request.
  4. Using our learning management system called Ecolinc Learn Online. Online courses are available covering a range of topics. See our website for more details: