Ecolinc offers a range of onsite, online, outreach and fieldwork programs addressing all AusVELS and VCE requirements.

Program information and details

Ecolinc offers a range of onsite, online, outreach and fieldwork programs addressing all AusVELS and VCE requirements.

Onsite programs:

P-10 onsite programs link to the themes Life, Water, Energy, Air and Earth, some incorporating external field trips.

All VCE onsite programs are designed to meet school-assessed coursework (SAC) tasks in Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science and Physics, and are supplied with teacher answers and assessment sheets, some of which include fieldtrips.

Outreach programs:

Outreach programs are conducted by an Ecolinc education officer as part of a pre or post visit to Ecolinc, or as a stand-alone program, for primary or lower secondary students. All required resources, equipment and technologies are supplied. Outreach programs are developed to meet individual school requirements.

Online programs:

Online programs consist of a suite of learning objects that may be completed individually or together as an entire unit. Current online programs have been designed for Years 5-8.


A range of fieldwork options are available for P-10 and VCE.