Ecolinc Women in STEM Program 2019

25 October 2019

The Ecolinc Women in STEM Program was held on Wednesday 23rd October.  Participants were given a rare insight into the latest developments in space travel technology.  Tiffany Yao, an electrical engineer for Ad Astra gave a fascinating keynote and tour of the lab for an audience of 100 Year 9 and 10  girls.   Students learnt about the environmental benefits of plasma powered engine over traditional propellant fuels.The vacuum chamber that Ad Astra uses to test the plasma engine's development runs with a fascinating combination of STEM  processes that were explained in detail by Tiffany.  Tiffany also shared her personal journey into a STEM career and provided advice for girls considering that pathway.   Sincere thanks to Tiffany Yao and Miranda Chang (Communications Ad Astra) for their time and effort in supporting this event.
Students also heard from Sarah Duncanson about her challenging yet rewarding career as a paediatric nurse in the intensive care unit at the Royal Children’s Hospital.  Sarah shared stories from her 15 year nursing career, including the children she has cared for and who have inspired her.  Students were in awe of the work Sarah undertakes and how nursing incorporates not only the STEM disciplines but also how artistic skills, communication and problem solving are important skills for those in the nursing industry.  Sincere thanks also to Sarah for taking the time out of her busy and demanding schedule to speak so openly to the participants.
A range of workshops and a Careers Speed Dating activity rounded out the day for the participants who came from as far away as the Latrobe Valley, Maryborough, Thomastown, Werribee, Melton and Geelong.